The Journey Begins

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It can hardly be a coincidence that no language on Earth has ever produced the expression: ‘As pretty as an airport.’ — Douglas Adams

Serafina up on bricks, just before I bought her.

So here I am in my 60s. Looking after Mother, overweight and underemployed. Not quite how I had imagined things panning out. So I bought a boat. It’s not the first time, but probably the last. If it all works out then Serafina will eventually be my lifestyle, universe and everything…

It almost didn’t happen. I was looking hard at other boats and had almost decided to buy one, but quite by chance I met the owner of Serafina. Heinz had just sailed her across the Atlantic, partly single-handed. When I showed him the boat I had in mind, he laughed and showed me his. The man has a gift for logic. Now he has my money – but I have his yacht.

The last few years have culminated in a repeat of what I always do when reaching a point in life when it’s not clear what comes next – I reinvent myself. Like Doctor Who at the end of a series, there comes a time when the old personality just will not work any more.

The plan, in this iteration of self, is to reconnect with some of the best parts of my life. Sailing, stories, and being scared witless. With plenty of skin in the game, I am setting out on and documenting this new journey.

Join me.

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