Sailing Serafina

This is the unfolding story of an idiot, me! In the early 2000s I was living aboard my boat and wondering what to do next after working for a DotCom that exploded at the safe distance of redundancy. I started driving cars on and off ships waiting for inspiration. After a while, I tried my hand at ISO system implementation, which depressed me about the general quality of management. So I fired up my first career again. A film production business was born.

Then my mother got dementia. We got rescued by Shepherd, a Border Collie. Life was, well, predictable. Looking after her was how I spent most of my time. Soon, the business was gone and so was the boat. You don’t get much pay as a carer so life was mostly about home and what’s close by. My mother had been great, funny and creative while I grew up, now it was my turn to help her grow down.

Late in 2018, she got very much worse and then Shepherd died. Seeing how the bones fell, I bought a boat. Very early on an inevitable Christmas morning my mother joined Shepherd. Just as the word ‘Freedom’ took form in my mind, C-19 hit. More death followed and the government took credit for a couple of years of hard work and no parties by clever and committed people. Having managed to divide the nation almost exactly in two with Brexit, our not so glorious leaders followed through with the worst possible implementation of it.

So now what? The last couple of years have been spent in refit and now Serafina is ready to weave my three aspirational braids together into a plan. I want to sail extensively, meet interesting folk and tell intentional stories. This site is my nexus of notification.

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Solar Power

With the help of Justin Richardson from Transporter Energy, I put lots of solar-fed Lithium on my boat. I was expecting energy independence, but what I was not expecting was a complete change in my attitude to energy. There is plenty of credible evidence from competent and informed sources that a primary cause of increased … Continue reading Solar Power

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